Movie City Films
Former Nashville Film Festival Board President Kelly Frey.

Nashville-based Movie City Films develops, finances, produces and distributes feature films. The Company was born out of a business plan by founder Kelly Frey, based upon years of knowledge gained in representing screenwriters, producers, and indie production companies as legal and business consultant and serving as President of one of the top ten film festivals in the United States.

The Company integrates the fiscal accountability of traditional business practices with the creative capabilities of movie-makers, especially those outside of the Hollywood establishment – the goal being to create films that appeal to the 95% of the US movie-going population that lies within two standard deviations of the “average”. Movie City Films chooses to be Nashville-based not only because of the creative assets and personal wealth that exists locally, but also because Nashville has the distinction of being “The Average City” (incorporating the mean, demographically, of the entire United States population with respect to race, gender, ethnicity, wealth, political affiliation, etc.).

movie city films
joe pantoliano (Avi Hirshberg “The Identical”) and Kelly Frey (Associate Producer “The Identical”) at the movie premiere in NYC.
movie city films
Ted Crockett (far left, NFF Executive Director) Kelly Frey (second from left, NFF Board President) Brian Owens (fourth from left, NFF Artistic Director) presenting awards at the NFF.

Partners of Movie City Films can be assured that if a project resonates within the Nashville community, it will reach the broadest movie-going audience across the United States. Movie City Films is an independent film company in the truest sense, given that the Company secures its financial resources independently, thus enabling it to focus on and produce economical, cost-effective content, while offering filmmakers and creative talent a streamlined, non-bureaucratic environment in which to work. It draws scripts from award-winning screenwriters, directors from film festival favorites, and co-production assistance from individuals and companies that have a track record of successfully distributing mass-market products. This dynamic approach allows Movie City Films to consistently minimize costs, remaining nimble, streamlined, and “filmmaker friendly,” while at the same time maximizing each of its films’ revenues through the unique distribution mechanism that best suits each project.

kelly l. frey, sr.

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