The Exec-Team

The Uproar Pictures mission is to produce great stories as budget-conscious features and TV projects, with each concept developed to include built-in potential to launch an entertainment brand.

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Tom Steinmann, Executive Producer

Uproar Pictures

Tom Steinmann is an Executive Producer, screen writer and songwriter, and a principal of Uproar Pictures LLC. Tom has worked for over 35 years in creation, marketing and sales of entertainment products, across a wide spectrum of music, movie and television genres.

His Executive Producer credits include two recent features, “Gates of Flesh” (2023) and “The Odds” (2018). In the early 2000’s, Tom was a Producer’s Rep, marketing television projects from music brands, such as “Western Beat” and “Country’s Family Reunion.” In the late 90’s, Tom was VP of Distribution for faith-based music label, Big Doggie Records.

In the early 1990’s, Tom was Sony Pictures’ Distributor Sales Manager, based at Ingram Entertainment, the largest Home Video distributor, where he created and executed marketing programs for 12-15 new releases per month from Columbia, TriStar, New Line and many other Sony distributed lines.

In the late 80’s, Tom was a buyer at Ingram, purchasing 1,000’s of movies for resale to video stores. Tom bought new releases from major studios, such as Sony, Disney and New Line, along with many independent studio releases. He also made ongoing catalogue buys, evaluating pages of home video titles, one-by-one. Tom had started in Home Video as a Distributor Sales Rep at Major Video and Source Video.

Tom is currently serving a fifth term on the Board of Directors of the Tennessee Screenwriting Association.

Kelly Frey, Executive Producer

Movie City Films

Kelly Frey – Kelly Frey is past-President of the Nashville Film Festival (an Oscar qualifying festival and one of the top ten film festivals in the United States), a member of and judge for the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (Emmys), and an internationally recognized intellectual property attorney with over 30 years of experience and numerous commendations (including the Nashville Business Journal’s “Best of the Bar”). 

Having seen the good, the bad, and the ugly of indie filmmaking during his tenure with the Emmys and the Nashville Film Festival, Kelly has become instrumental in fostering projects that combine high production values, compelling storylines, and solid economic returns.

An award-winning screenwriter, he now uses the legal expertise and business acumen developed over years of representing indie film production companies to assist creative talent ready to take the next step in their careers. 

Kelly is Executive Producer for the recently completed feature documentary on healthy eating, Eating You Alive (featuring Oscar nominee Samuel L. Jackson and Oscar winning Director/Producer James Cameron), as well as the Canadian International Film Festival selection Fogg (Best American Film – where the lead, Ryan Wotherspoon took home “Best Actor” laurels) and the new thriller John Doe.