Gates Of Flesh: The Path To Hell Is Through Us

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Gates Of Flesh:  – A group of friends attempts to escape the city after an outbreak of demon-possessions plunges society into chaos. The friends seek shelter in an abandoned church, but their plans for escape are ruined when one of them becomes possessed, and they are forced to search for a solution.

the gates of flesh

Society is plagued by a sudden wave of demonic possessions that throws the country into chaos.  A group of five friends, led by the couple Brina & Ethan, are on the run, intending to escape the dangers of the city, but decide that traveling during the daytime is too risky.  

They find a deserted church and decide to wait there until nighttime, when they can move more safely.  Their plans are ruined when one of them becomes possessed.

When a demon possesses a human, it uses the human body as its own.  It knows everything the human knew – all their joys, hates and secrets.  The group captures their demon-possessed friend, but even though he is bound, he is able to reveal to them all the secrets he once heard as their human friend.  They begin to distrust one another, and soon are at each other’s throats.  Ethan attacks the demon-possessed friend in a rage, and in turn becomes possessed himself. Brina and the remaining survivors become trapped in a tiny office within the church.

Gates Of Flesh IMDB

Gates Of Flesh Cast

Rae Olivier as Brina

Jarrod Beck as Danny

Morgan Fairbanks as Sarah

Daniel Annone as Ethan

Marquita Goings as Lin

Percy Bell as Jeremy

Written and Directed by Bob Giordano

Produced by Alan McKenna

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Gates Of Flesh: The Path To Hell Is Through Us

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