The Odds 2: Execution Game

 Don’t Hate The Player, Hate The Game

Suspense – A group of people have been kidnapped and forced to play a game: every hour, they must vote for a player to be eliminated from the game – and that player is killed.  What will each person do to win?

Twelve people of various race and gender awaken to find themselves trapped together inside a warehouse with no idea how they got there.

Suddenly, a squad of armed, unidentifiable men storm into the room and hold the group at gunpoint. Through a closed-circuit television, an anonymous woman informs them that they are playing a game of survival. The rules are simple.

Every hour, on the hour, the squad returns and line-up the contestants. Each contestant will vote one person out of the game. The contestant who gets the most votes will be eliminated.

The squad leaves the group locked inside the warehouse to debate their course of action. At first, the group is reluctant to play the game. But quickly, the desire to live overcomes them, and they play the game with a ruthlessness not seen on any TV game show.

LEO DANIELS is a private investigator whose been forced to play the game. He reveals to the other contestants that he was investigating his son’s disappearance when he learned about the game’s existence. He believes it’s organized by mobsters as a form of entertainment; that the contestants are being taped by hidden cameras within the warehouse.

For his troubles, Leo himself has been abducted and forced to play. His only hope now is to try to unify this group in hopes of finding some way to escape.

As the game proceeds and the contestants are killed one-by-one, the survivors’ moral boundaries are tested farther than they ever before thought possible. Before it’s all over, everyone will become both betrayer and betrayed.

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