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Dr. Gangrene’s Review of The Odds

I’ve seen some terrific films of this sort in the past – “man in a box” type stories that are true character-driven stories. For this type of story to work, you need two main things: a solid script and great actors.  The Odds has both.

The script is well-written and builds tension throughout, engaging the viewer and drawing them in with excellent performances from the two leads. I found it an entertaining film, and worth tracking down! — Dr. Gangrene, Physician of Fright

Troy Guinn’s Review of The Odds

THE ODDS is an intense, tough and gritty experience, full of pain both inflicted and self-inflicted, its stark one-room set and two main characters enacting a horror of manipulation and abuse and a metaphor for a sick “game” that happens daily, behind the “closed doors” in every neighborhood.

A film that will linger in your thoughts and perhaps touch your nerves a little too closely. The actors work the challenging material with impressive skill. THE ODDS is a film that should bring deserved attention for all involved in its creation. – Troy Guinn, The Naschycast Podcast