FOGG Movie : Diary Of A Sociopath

FOGG Movie : Fogg is a genius – but he is also a highly rehearsed sociopath who will do anything to satisfy his need to experience, to feel, something, anything, even if it is through the pain of his victims.  In his world, there is only what he wants – no one else matters.  Dr. Maggie O’Shea is a brilliant neuroscientist developing a treatment designed to give sociopaths emotions, feelings, and most importantly, empathy – qualities they completely lack.  So when Maggie crosses paths with Fogg in her research, it is a classic case of good versus evil as Maggie tries to treat, then outwit, Fogg … before she becomes his next victim.

Producers: Kelly Frey, Elvis Wilson, Ryan Wotherspoon

Director/Screenwriter: Elvis Wilson

Cast: Ryan Wotherspoon, Hayden Wyatt, Sarah Shoemaker, Jeremy Childs, Jessejames Locorriere, Rodney Pickel

Director of Photography: Tamara Reynolds

Fogg Movie

FOGG Movie

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