Hellhole Netflix

Hellhole on Netflix is definitely worth the watch. It starts off with a similar dark feel as the Anthony Hopkins film The Rite. Young Priest goes to monestary to witness demon possession.

In 1987 Poland, a police officer investigating mysterious disappearances infiltrates a remote monastery — and discovers a dark truth about its clergy. via Netflix

There are no jump scares but they do have some nice “make you wanna dry heave” moments. But no spoilers.

Around the last act the film began to sway in a direction that was a little or dark fairy tale than realistic demonic possession…which is completely fine, I just wasn’t prepared for it so it felt a little cheesy at times. But the cinematography and graphics were all great so it never took me out of the moment.

But like I said, it’s definitely worth a watch.

hellhole netflix

Hellhole Netflix

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