NASHVILLE, Tenn. – A Walk in the Dark is a new documentary that follows artists that write and record their music in haunted houses. Austin came up with the idea while traveling to haunted locations as the lead of a show on the Syfy Network. His original idea was to have well known artists write a new song for each episode at a different haunted location. Producers liked the idea, then Covid hit… and production was at a stand still. But having grown up in a small town with big talent, Austin decided to dust off his guitar and try to shoot a pilot himself.

Some say the talent shows in Franklin, Tennessee rival most award shows. Kelsea Ballerini and Russell Dickerson are just a few of the well known names that went to the same high school as Austin. And long before he was traveling the world chasing ghosts, Austin was in a 3 piece rock band that shared the stage with Paramore, Joel and Luke Smallbone from for King and Country, and many others. The band eventually parted ways, but twenty years later they would reunite to write and record in some of the most haunted houses in Tennessee.

Starting in 2022 A Walk in the Dark plans to release a documentary and an EP every October featuring the haunted location they write in that year. The documentary begins this year at a farmhouse that is said to be haunted because of an unsolved murder that took place on the property. Viewers will get a behind the scenes look as they use the location’s history, mystery, and their paranormal experiences to write their songs. Although the documentary is coated in a paranormal theme, it is peppered throughout with comedic timing. While meeting with a producer that is already interested in the series Austin mentioned, “I am far more goofy than I am cool and I love humor. So I figured since I’m filming it, I’m just gonna to be me.”
After completing the documentary, producers were not only interested in the series, but also the music written in A Walk in the Dark.

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In addition to his show on the Syfy Network, some of Austin’s other credits include ABC’s Nashville, being the lead of Dierks Bentley’s 4 video series promoting his album “Black”, and he is currently working on a project written and directed by Austin’s cousin Barry, who directed iconic movies such as Mulan.

— What is the A Walk in the Dark Game? — There is a clue in the Pilot that leads people to the beginning of the game. We add artist’s songs to the Virmedius Spotify Playlists, then every time the artist finds a new clue, we move their song to the #1 song on the playlist.

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