A Walk in the Dark Review

The found footage style documentary A Walk in the Dark hits a lot of great notes! The documentary begins with Austin talking about how he grew up in a small town with big talent, Franklin Tennessee. It’s a high energy intro that really sets the tone for why exactly he decided to shoot a pilot for his series idea, “Artists stay in haunted houses seeking inspiration for their next album.” The idea was sparked when he was filming a paranormal tv show for the Syfy Network. He noted, “While we were filming in all these amazing locations around the world I was always conscious of just how boring it was that we would literally just sit in an empty room for hours on end talking to ourselves in hopes that something spooky would happen. While traveling I would read a lot about the history of the locations so that I had interesting stories to tell on camera while sitting in the rooms. It wasn’t to try to induce paranormal activity, it was to give viewers something more interesting to watch than us just asking the same questions over and over again in an empty room.”

In the documentary Austin actually reconnects with his old band mates from 20 years ago. Their band played with Paramore, Joel & Luke from for King & Country among others but decided to hang up their instruments in their early 20’s. Decades later they would reunite to write in haunted houses 🙂 Another throwback is that Grammy Award Winning Ainslie Grosser was the mixing engineer for the band’s music 20 years ago and he was the person that was chosen to mix the acoustic songs that were released from the documentary this year!

a walk in the dark review

A Walk in the Dark does a great job of keeping the audience engaged with cinematography, humor, and of course – the paranormal activity. The music also turned out great and is getting some major streams.

One very unique aspect is of this documentary is that there is a clue in the documentary that leads people to the start of a sort of scavenger hunt. They are calling it the A Walk in the Dark Game. The production company, Virmedius, created this idea so that artists could add their song to the Virmedius Spotify Playlists, then every time artists find another clue, their song will be moved 5 spots closer to the #1 spot in the playlist.

A Walk in the Dark Review

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