A Band that writes in Haunted Houses

A Walk in the Dark is a Nashville based band that writes and records their music in Haunted Houses. One of the band members came up with the idea when he was the lead of a ghost show on the Syfy Network.

The band originally formed in high school in their hometown of Franklin, Tennessee. Twenty years later the front man, Austin Cook, contacted Taylor Milam because he needed to write a song for a psychological thriller film he was working on, The Novel Haunting. This song turned out neoclassical to fit the vibe of the movie but we are told the new music will be different.

When the band originally formed they shared the stage with Paramore, Hawk Nelson and a bunch of other great artists, but we heard the songs this year will be acoustic so we are not expecting post hardcore this year. 🙂

A Walk in the Dark is releasing their first documentary this October where they write and record in a Haunted House just south of Nashville. Their plan is to release a documentary and an EP of the songs they write in a new haunted location ever October. The paranormal documentaries are not your run of the mill paranormal shows, they are a little more light hearted but then jump into scary mode when the unexplained starts to happen.

The Novel Haunting

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